In-Home Supportive Services Fraud Prevention

How to Report on Fraud for in Home Support Services & Medi-Cal

You may call 888-717-8302 (IHSS) or 800-822-6222 (Medi-Cal) or Email Stop Medical Fraud.

No Proof Necessary

You do not have to have proof of fraud, the California Department of Health Care Services will investigate the complaint to determine whether fraud has been committed.

If you suspect Fraud and Abuse, call the hotline today!

Tips for Avoiding Fraud

As an In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) provider, there are some things that you can do to avoid committing fraud. These include the following examples:
  • Do not put hours on your timesheet if you did not work them
  • Do not put hours on your timesheet for tasks that are not authorized for the consumer
  • Do not put the time you spend eating meals on your timesheet
  • Do not ask the consumer to sign a blank or incompete timesheet
  • Do not put time on your timesheet for days that the consumer is in the hospital, a nursing home, board and care facility, or in jail
  • Tell the truth in all of your interactions with the county

Additional Tips

  • If you have differences with the consumer about the hours worked, show the consumer your records and explain work you did on the date(s) in question.
  • If someone else or another agency is providing authorized services, do not include the time for services that they provide on your timesheet. If another person is providing services and wishes to be paid by IHSS, they must be enrolled as a provider.
  • Keep written records of the hours worked and what you did each day that you work. Request that your consumer also keep track of the hours that you work.
  • Do not sign the consumer's name on your timesheet. If the consumer is not able to sign your timesheet, you need to check with the county about who else may be authorized to sign for the consumer.
  • Do not put hours on your timesheet for services that are not covered by IHSS. Examples of some services that are not covered include gardening, pet care, moving furniture, or taking the consumer on social outings. Always refer to the "Services Covered by IHSS" handout if you are in doubt.