Food Quality & Marketing

The Agricultural Commissioner, in cooperation with the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s (CDFA) Fruit and Vegetable Quality Control branch, is responsible for the enforcement of state laws and regulations pertaining to packing, shipping and quality of these agricultural commodities. The goals of standardization are to assure consumers that they are purchasing commodities at a level of acceptable quality, to protect and promote agricultural industries of California, and to remove from the channels of trade agricultural commodities that do not comply with minimum standards. California standardization laws establish minimum standards for maturity, quality, size, standard container and pack, and container markings.

State Law

State law requires that agricultural products are packed and shipped in standardized containers with labels containing appropriate producer information. State law also requires that all retail establishments, restaurants, flea markets, and roadside vendors that sell agricultural products must be inspected and provide proof of purchase of the commodities they sell. Download the Fresh Produce Container Labeling and Proof of Ownership Requirements (PDF) for more information.

Additional Responsibilities

The Agricultural Commissioner is also responsible for the certification of producers of agricultural products sold at farmers markets, the certification of those Farmers Markets, and the registration of organic farmers (organic registration). Nursery and seed inspections, as well as licensing requirements, verify that nurseries are in compliance with local, regional, and federal regulations.

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