Emergency Plans

Printable & Hard Copy Versions Available

Listed on this page are emergency plans applicable to Nevada County. If you or your agency would like a hard copy, contact the Nevada County Office of Emergency Services by email

OES Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness Action Plan

The Wildfire Evacuation Preparedness Action Plan outlines how the Office of Emergency Services is making progress on the 2020 Board of Supervisors A Priority: Reduce the loss of life during a wildfire by improving evacuation routes and early warning systems; creating more defensible space around private properties and driveways, building a network of maintained fuel breaks, engaging residents in emergency preparedness and fire-safe stewardship, and enhancing critical infrastructure. The plan outlines the five initiatives that drive our work and the milestones by which we will measure our progress quarterly.

Nevada County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)

This is the Planned Nevada County Government response to emergencies and disasters.

Nevada County Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

This plan identifies Goals, Objectives, and Measures for hazard mitigation and risk reductions in Nevada County.