About the Clerk of the Board


The Clerk of the Board is the official keeper of documents, agendas, minutes and administrative contracts for the Board of Supervisors, the Nevada County Housing Authority, the Nevada County Sanitation District No. 1, and the Assessment Appeals Board.

The Office of the Clerk of the Board, under administrative direction from the Board of Supervisors, plans, organizes, directs and coordinates the work of staff assigned to scheduling and preparing the Nevada County Board of Supervisors agenda, records the proceedings of Board meetings, and maintains the official records and reports of Board actions.

Additional Duties

The Clerk of the Board also provides administrative and clerical support, answers questions and inquiries concerning past, present, and future business of the Board of Supervisors and Board actions, and performs the full range of assignments necessary to assist with the conduct and recording of Board meetings and actions.

Other responsibilities include:
  • Maintaining records of appointment of members to committees and commissions appointed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Receiving and filing of claims, lawsuits and petitions directed to the Board
  • Publication of legal notices and maintaining the Ordinance Codes
  • Filing of Statements of Economic Interest (Form 700) for Special Districts and County Committees and Commissions