LAFCo Resolutions

  • 2021 LAFCo Resolutions

Resolution 21-01 Annexation Alta Hill and Idaho Maryland Properties

Resolution 21-02 Adoption of the Annual Budget

Resolution 21-03 Approving the Update to the Sanitation District Sphere

Resolution 21-04 Approving the Sphere Update for Kingsbury Greens CSD

Resolution 21-05 Adopting New Teleconference Protocols

Resolution 21-06 Sphere Update for Bear River Recreation District

Resolution 21-07 Sphere Update for Oak Tree Park District

Resolution 21-08 Sphere Update for Truckee Donner Recreation District

Resolution 21-09 Sphere Update for Western Gateway Recreation District

  • 2022 LAFCo Resolutions

Resolution 22-01 Re-adopting New Teleconference Protocols

Resolution 22-02 Sphere Amendment - Grass Valley Southern Sphere

Resolution 22-03 Annexation - Southern Sphere Properties

Resolution 22-04  Annexation - County Sanitation District (Penn Valley Zone)

Resolution 22-05 Re-adopting Teleconference Protocols per Governor's Proclamation

Resolution 22-06 Sphere Amendment - City of Grass Valley

Resolution 22-07 Annexation - City of Grass Valley RV Park & Resort

Resolution 22-08 Sphere Amendment - County Sanitation District (Penn Valley Zone)

Resolution 22-09 Annexation - County Sanitation District - Baker

Resolution 22-10 Teleconference Protocols

Resolution 22-11 Work Program and Budget for FY 22-23

Resolution 22-12 Amendment to the Bylaws

Resolution 22-13 Re-adopting Teleconference Protocols

Resolution 22-14  Nevada City Reorganization - National Forest Headquarters Relocation

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